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Welcome to SCA!

Shenandoah Christian Academy was birthed because of a burden to provide the children of our church and community with a Christian Learning Environment free of the corrupt philosophies and ideals of government school systems. SCA opened enrollment to the membership of Marlbrook Baptist Church in the fall of 2021 and after much prayer has made the decision to expand its enrollment to accept applications from qualifying families within the community for the fall of 2022.

What is an A.C.E. school?

A.C.E. is an abbreviation for Accelerated Christian Education. This is a strong Christian based, academically sound educational program which utilizes an advanced curriculum produced by A.C.E. School of Tomorrow and

The A.C.E. program uses a proven alternative approach to learning that is individualized to each student to maximize comprehension and development.

The A.C.E. program goes beyond the traditional classroom in offering a superior learning environment and providing multiple avenues of development. These include reading and comprehension, visual examples, and one-on-one explanation and understanding.

Students in the A.C.E. program will quickly master and excel in their core subjects as well as develop the ability to read, understand, and apply instruction throughout life.

If you are dissatisfied with the traditional education system, I encourage you to consider Shenandoah Christian Academy.


Now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year for grades K4-12!

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